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Your hearing is essential to your quality of life; at Acousticon Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, we understand this concept, which is why we offer advanced audiological services and cutting-edge hearing aids. Patients from all over Texarkana, TX, and the neighboring communities will benefit from our expertise and dedication to compassionate care. Our licensed audiologist, Dr. Tom Burns, and his experienced staff are determined to see your hearing improved and your life changed for the better.

our process

Dr. Tom starts the treatment process by performing a comprehensive hearing assessment, where he utilizes state-of-the-art instruments to test your ability to hear pure tones and speech materials. Patients will also receive additional information from a computer that measures how the hearing nerve responds to sounds. This computerized analysis is used to determine the need for hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.

hearing aids and accessories

Specializing in a full line of hearing aids, patients can take advantage of our massive inventory of top-of-the-line devices. Dr. Tom will be there to help you select the perfect size, shape, and color of hearing aid to match your skin tone and hair. In addition to finding an affordable hearing aid that meets your needs, our center offers a wide range of accessories, including premium batteries, custom ear molds, and floating earplugs for water protection. Don’t forget to ask about our two-year electronic warranties and loss/damage insurance.

When the time comes to select a dependable audiologist to help you recover from hearing loss, turn to Dr. Tom and our proven team. You can continue to benefit from our hearing aid repair and maintenance services, as well as our insurance counseling and cleaning services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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